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Apartment for rent in Vedado, two rooms. Cristy´s house

Apartment for rent in Vedado TheCubanHouses.com Apartment for rent in Vedado

Apartment in El Vedado, two rooms overlooking the sea, nearby Coppelia ice cream parlor. 70.00 cuc daily for whole lodging. 45.00 cuc daily per one room.


Cristy offers an independent apartment for rent in Havana, on 15th street, between L and K streets, on a twelfth floor, in Vedado quarter. Tenement has a terrace with a wide view of the city and the sea. It has two air-conditioned rooms, in-between bathroom with cold and hot water 24/7; there´s a living room, dining room and kitchen. Independent entrance, audio and video systems, refrigerator and telephone for guests´ exclusive usage. A very clear and airy apartment, nearby La Rampa. Approximately four hundred meters away from Habana Libre Hotel, US Interest Section and Nacional Hotel. Three hundred meters away from Malecón, Coppelia ice cream parlor, and El Gato Tuerto nightclub, and La Torre and El Emperador restaurants, among other well-known sites in El Vedado.

Address: 15th street, Plaza Municipality, Vedado. Nearby Línea street and US Interest Section


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