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Varadero Cuba. Hotels in Varadero Hotel Sol Palmeras Meliá Varadero


Varadero tourist destination is undoubtedly the preferred one by foreign and national vacationers and it takes more than 40 per cent of the tourist flow to the Island.

But, what makes so special this splendid beaches peninsula in the western north coast of Cuba? 

Located in the Hicacos peninsula, at the north of Matanzas city and 140 km from Havana, this is a generous geography piece. Along beach uninterrupted 22 kilometers, you can enjoy incomparable thin sands and spectacular beaches. The sunset? ... It is like a dream.

In this area there is also the second coral barrier of the planet, therefore for those who like the immersion they have guaranteed luxury submarine beds. For this purpose, they have at their disposal several international diving centers where prestigious specialists work.  

The hotel boom in this bank is so high that it has turned into a city spa.   

In general all the hotels, of different categories, are very near the beach. The sights, the amenities, the comfort and the atmosphere are exceptional.

Among the most ancient and emblematic hotels are Sol Palmeras, Meliá Varadero and Las Americas hotels, managed by the famous Spanish group Sol Meliá. The last one is an important business center which usually assembles golf-lovers in annual events.

Rooms and houses in the private sector rent business have also acquired boom and fame. The accommodation prices are much lower than the state offers, being another option to consider.

How to enjoy yourself in Varadero

As well as for those who look for the calm and the environment pleasure and for those spirits eager for adventures and strong emotions, Varadero has innumerable recreational options.

For the last ones mentioned the visit to the Parachuting Center, the sail practice or other nautical sports can be two attractive options.

The most quiet visitors, besides the sunbathe and sea, can enjoy walking in catamaran or practicing fishing sports. 

In Varadero surroundings, the visitor can find cultural and historical interest attractions. There are cave art samples made by our pre-Columbian ancestors.

For people who love the golf, the opportunity cannot be more luxury: Varadero Golf Club, to which it is possible to access directly from the Hotel Americas, is provided with the best golf field of the country and it is the venue of international events as Montecristi Golf Cup. 

You can walk with your family and spend wonderful moments in Varadero alive dolphin exhibition, a park with wide swimming pools where these cetaceans inhabit. There are shows performed for the public where these animals do malabares and acrobatics with balls and hoops. Tourists can also play with them in the water and take a memory photo.

We recommend also the Josone Park, one of the most extensive green areas of Varadero and a place chosen by many families to spend an agreeable picnic day. It has a big artificial lake and a swimming pool along with a restaurants area. It is an excellent opportunity to see birds and plants exotic species.

At night, Varadero keeps being a luxury entertainment indisputable offer. Big night centers offer the possibility of enjoying the best music bands of the country as well as to dawn dancing with a recorded music excellent selection.  La Rumba or Mambo Club discotheques, at 50s style, are two of the most out-standing referents.

The access routes to this spa are diverse. One of them is Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport, at 20 km of distance. By road, you access across Carretera Central and Via Blanca and by sea, there are two marinas with yachting harbors to enter: Marlin Marina Dársena Varadero and Marina Gaviota Varadero.

Then, do you decide to know this paradise in the Tropic?

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