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Customs Cuba Customs Cuba

Information to travelers and tourists about characteristics of our Customs:

All the passengers, when they bring besides their personal belongings, goods to import to our country, they must fill the customs declaration. The entry of cash to Cuba is free, but if the quantity that the passenger carries is superior to 5000, 00 USD or their equivalent in other money, they must fill the customs declaration.

Unload free the Official Gazette on customs regulations of Cuba!

For tourists.
If you visit Cuba as a tourist, you have the right to bring with you your personal belongings. There are considered as personal belongings, in addition to the clothes and other goods that the tourist needs for use, other goods depending on the circumstances of the trip and according to the type of tourism to be made as scientific, technical, art and literature books, musical scores, photographic and video camera; tent; fishing tackle; bicycle; sport practice equipment; personal microcomputer, recording and sound reproduction instrument, wheelchairs for disabled persons, prosthesis replacing an organ or one of his part as well as books, equipment or materials destined to blind persons.

Passengers will not be able to carry, under any circumstance
Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic or hallucinogenic substances, except those of medical use accompanied by the corresponding medical prescription. Explosives, firearms and ammunitions, unless they have expressed authorization of the competent organism. Blood by-products, literature or articles and obscene or pornographic objects that threaten nation general interests. Species protected by the Convention on the International trade of Species Threatened with Fauna and Flora if they do not have the permission issued by the competent authority (CITES Permission).

The passengers can bring with themselves to Cuba, exempt from rights payment
Their personal belongings, that is to say, articles that a traveler could need for personal use during the travel. Medicines, prosthesis and wheelchairs for use of sick and disabled persons. Books and articles for the education.
Also, the passengers can import as a part of their baggage, without commercial character and subject to the payment of the customs rights that correspond, new and used articles up to the limit of authorized value of a thousand (1,000) pesos. The value of the articles that arrive to the country as not accompanied baggage will be part of the authorized maximal value of this passenger.

Prohibitions for the importation (entry)
It is not admitted the importation of: air conditioners with a capacity superior to 1 ton; Electrical cookers and burners, except the induction ceramic hob, of any model and which electrical consumption does not exceed 1500 watts per burner; Electrical ovens, except those known as microwave; any type of electrical resistors.
Neither it will be possible to import Light engine vehicles: cars, motorcycles and combustion engine bicycles, cars and motorcycles engines and bodyworks.
There must not be imported animal products that could be illnesses bearers.
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