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Hotel Cuba. Hotel Havana. 5 stars, 4 stars hotels in Cuba

Hotel Cuba Hotel Cuba

What to do, to choose a hotel in Havana or a private house for rent?

Staying at a house for rent can be one of the most interesting experiences you can enjoy in your visit to Cuba, mainly if you wish to know thoroughly our people and our culture. Namely, how Cuban people live and think, the real Cuba.
Now, not everything is the folkloric aspect, the houses for rent have innumerable advantages which make thousands and thousands of tourists escape from the hotels and become their regular clients.  

In their category, they are more economical than hotels.
We will explain it with an example: Let's say that you choose a 5 stars hotel in Havana with an approximate cost from 120 to 300 CUC daily per room. Generally, you pay for a small bedroom that does not overcome 4 x 5 square meters; a standard gastronomic service (hotel meal, cooked for hundreds of tourists); the access to certain areas like swimming pool (having to share this one with tens of travelers more) and the privacy in your bedroom, only there. Add to this big headaches for the cost that involves the accommodation in a hotel if you travel in family or friend groups, because the rooms are only double or triple.
In the luxury houses for rent in Cuba, equivalent to a 5 stars, you can rent a house or a complete villa with a much bigger accommodation capacity for the same 300 CUC price. There you will enjoy a reservoir or swimming pool for exclusive use of guests. These houses are very comfortable and wide; you enjoy gardens, portals, courtyards, terraces, living rooms, dining rooms, etc. It is something very different from the hotel small room.

Hotel Habana

Personalized service

Another very important element to have in mind is the personalized service that is offered in the private houses. In hotels in Cuba, you will be one tourist more, among thousands of them. In the houses for rent you are the center of attention by being the only guest. Therefore, the host family will give an upmost service to try to satisfy you. This last element, besides the economical and feasible matter that represents a house for rent, is what has caused that the visits flow to private houses be a 95 % or more than to hotels and not vice versa. It is very difficult that a tourist after having known a good private accommodation decides to go to a hotel.
There are very reliable reports that argue that once the visitors of other nations discover the benefits of a private house for rent, they do not return to the hotels, becoming this way in regular clients, year after year.
4 stars hotels in Cuba have their equivalent as well in the houses or apartments for rent. A 4 stars hotel in Cuba usually costs between 85 and 130 CUC daily per room. A house for rent of the same category, only costs between 40 and 80 CUC daily per room. As we already point out, the capacity in a house for rent  can be bigger, being possible to duplicate or triplicate  the guests quantity depending on the available beds number; making them ideal for relative or friend big groups.
3 stars hotels in our island usually have tariffs between 50 and 80 CUC daily per room. We do not recommend this type of hotel to the tourists, only making some exceptions in the capital. There are hotels that have many deficiencies and their visitors continuously complain about them.
The most economical houses for rent have accommodation prices between 25 and 40 CUC daily per room and almost  they are always located in city center spaces and next to tourist places.
The gastronomic services in Inns or in houses for rent, in their immense majority, are very economical and ideal if you wish to taste the real Cuban traditional cuisine although in some houses international cuisine dishes are also offered.
Certainly, not everything is ideal in the houses for rent. As the low quality 3 stars hotels, the houses for rent are not able to have all the ideal conditions for you to rest placidly. You have to properly choose the accommodation, find out or select a company with experience.

Hoteles Cuba

In our web site The Cuban Houses we only show selected accommodations and owners with experience in the lease works.
You will be able to choose houses, apartment or villas with big comfort and privacy conditions.
You be on safe ground with us …

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