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House for rent in Miramar, Havana. Nearby Cira García Health Clinic

House for rent in Miramar House for rent in Miramar

Three room accommodation, nearby Cira García Health Clinic, Playa Municipality. 35.00 cuc daily.


Nely´s house for rent is in a very centrically located area, in Playa Municipality. It has three very spacious and air-conditioned rooms, one downstairs, and two on the top floor, with their own private bathrooms and independent entrances. Guests may make use of a living room, TV set and audio video system, telephone, dining room, a very well equipped kitchen, and a spacious terrace. Tenant provides breakfast and dinner services. She can also provide car service with a driver.

Address: 21st street, Playa Municipality, Havana. Nearby Cira García Health Clinic, and Angolan and Canadian embassies.


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  • Aklile Gebremessih
    Aklile Gebremessih Friday, 13 May 2016 12:53 Comment Link

    Hi. My name is Aklile Gebremessih, I'm looking an affordable room for 11 days ,from May 13th to 24th. Price between $30 to $40. Near Cira Garcia. Sincerly, Allie Thank you

  • Linda Knowlton
    Linda Knowlton Monday, 18 January 2016 20:34 Comment Link

    Hello. My name is Linda, I live just south of Cuba in the Cayman Islands. I need to rent a room near the Cira Garcia Hospital. At this point of time I am not sure of the calendar dates that I will be in Havana. I am also not sure just how many days I will be staying there, or staying in the hospital, or just how many nights I need to rent from you. I am looking at the possibility of being in Havana at the most, up to 2 weeks. I have to have an unexpected surgery on my head due to a small basal cell skin cancer just above my eye brow. Another Doctor here in the Caymans has recommended a skin graft on the area, and that I come to Cuba to have it done. I see that you charge a very affordable price, at $35 CUC. I will be bringing USD with me, I will need to exchange USD for CUC. I was in Cuba last May at the Cira Garcia Hospital, but I was staying to far from the Hospital, so this trip I wanted to find a room close to the hospital, and I found you room on the Internet. I was hoping to come to Havana the dates of January 25th to February 8th. But I'll know more about the true dates in a few days. So I'll email you back as soon as I know for sure... Do you have these dates available for renting me a room? Thank you so much. Linda. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Linda. We will contact the owner. If the house is occupied, we will offer other accommodation with similar characteristics. We have several houses near the Clinica Cira Garcia. Our operators will contact you as soon as possible ... Team TheCubanHouses.COM

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