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Advices to travel to Cuba. Medicine, climate, currency, transport, assurance

Medicine Cuba Medicine Cuba

Next we offer some general advices for those who have never visited our country.

What is medicine like in Cuba? Medical assistance to the tourist
In all the main cities, there are clinics specialized for the assistance of tourists and travelers. Most of the hotels have medical services 24 hours with highly qualified and specialized personnel.

Cuban medicine is famous in the whole world for the professionalism of its personnel and its technological advances. There is no need to be vaccinated to travel to Cuba. There exist also more than eight international clinics sufficiently prepared in cases that demand more care.

We recommend only to drink bottled water that you will able to get easily in any establishment, this way you avoid illnesses that could infest you through water in tropical climates. 

What is the weather like?
The weather of Cuba is warm and stable most of the year, you should bring light and fresh clothes made of light tissues, preferably cotton textiles so much for the day as for the night. During the months of our short winter (December to March) it a little warmer clothes is enough, especially when the cold fronts arrive. Do not forget in your trip suitcase: sunglasses, solar creams to protect the skin and swimming suits to enjoy beaches or pools.

Where to stay in Cuba?
There exist two save options, the state hotels and the private houses for rent in their different modalities:  apartments, houses and villas.

The private houses for rent have two classifications, economical and luxury. In the economical ones, the accommodations vary from 25 to 50 CUC per room. In the luxury ones, from 50 to 140 CUC approximately. Both, they are more economical than the state hotels and it is a confirmed fact that tourist who tastes a good house for rent he never returns any more to a hotel. Why?

Well, we will explain it with an example: If you choose a 5 stars hotel and pay from 100 to 280 CUC per room, you would be paying perhaps for a 4x5 square meters bedroom at the best; a swimming pool for tens of tourists and perhaps for an all-inclusive service that guarantees a hotel cardboard-like meal (even being a very good chef, it is very difficult to cook every day for hundreds of persons).

If you enjoy a luxury house with swimming pool, it will be more economical for you; you will have more privacy, amenities and comfort, having at your disposal wide areas: gardens, portals, terraces, rooms, courtyards, kitchens, etc. In short, you will have the entire house for you where you will receive a good treatment and personalized services because you, your family and your friends will be the only tourists. In the economical categories, the same matter happens exactly. 

There is something very important that we advise to the tourists and foreign visitors: do not stay in private houses for rent that are not legally authorized. The lessors authorized in Cuba for rent must show a blue logo at the house for rent entry door what is synonymous of ethical, hygienic norms and safety. All the houses in have been previously selected; the owners have the operative license and they have many years of experience in their work.

What is the currency in Cuba? Transport
In Cuba circulate essentially two currencies: the Cuban peso (CUP), having a little interest for the tourist and the convertible Cuban peso (CUC). The euro and the North American dollar circulate also.

You can exchange your money in our houses for rent, at the airport, in banks or in exchange offices. Any of the owners associated to will accept as payment euros or North American dollars, according to the exchange rate of the day and following the Cuban convertible peso (CUC) rate, the main currency of the country. Although our recommendation is that you exchange at yours arrival, right at the airport, part of your money for CUC, so your economic transaction will be easier. 

To be transported inside the cities, you can count on the help of the owners of our houses for rent. They will indicate you the best available options so that you should arrive quickly to your destination: taxis, car rental, bus, etc.

If you wish to rent a car, it is obligatory you present your passport and your driver license. There is also demanded to have the minimal age of 21 years. The driver license can be international or from your origin country, but it has been issued a year before at least.

Customs regulations in Cuba
The customs laws forbid the income of pornographic material, drugs, narcotics, living animals and firearms, although the above mentioned do can be authorized, when it is a matter of weapon for  sport hunting, by the entity in charge of this tourist modality. It is allowed the exportation of art works, antiquities and other cultural goods protected legally having the due documents of the competent and credited institutions in the purchase invoice.

Do not hesitate to approach a police officer if you have any problem. We recommend you not to go along residential quarters where the illumination public system is poor or to unknown areas, especially at night hours.

Avoid unexpected tourist guides; they are not professional and you run the risk the person be malicious. Assure in your accommodation the value objects; do not exhibit them in your sightseeing tours. We recommend you also to do photocopies of all your identification documents: Passport, credit or debits cards, driver conduction, reserving the original in the safes of your room.

As a precaution rule, before traveling to Cuba, you have to investigate the address and phones of the embassy and consulates of yours country in case of having any inconvenience.

Our country has a telephone services network that guarantees the straight communication with any place of the world.
To call to Cuba:
          a) Dial exit country prefix where you are.
          b) Dial  Cuba indicative code: 53
          c) Dial telecommunication code of the province of your interest.
          d) Finally, dial the telephone number that you wish.

            Telecommunication codes:
            Pinar del Río, capital provincial 82
            Valle de Viñales 8
            La Habana capital del país 7
            Matanzas, capital provincial 45
            Varadero 45
            Playa Girón y Playa Larga 45
            Santa Clara, capital provincial 42
            Cienfuegos, capital provincial 43
            Cayo Largo del Sur 45
            Sancti Spíritus, capital provincial 41
            Trinidad 419
            Ciego de Ávila, capital provincial 33
            Cayo Coco 33
            Camagüey, capital provincial 32
            Playa Santa Lucía 32
            Florida 32
            Las Tunas, capital provincial 31
            Holguín, para toda la provincia 24
            Granma, para toda la provincia 23
            Santiago de Cuba, capital provincial 22
            Baracoa 21

To call to
From outside of Cuba dial country exit prefix and then 53 53851720

We wish your stay in Cuba be a pleasure and satisfaction source

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