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Travel to Cienfuegos, tour. House for in rent in Cienfuegos, accommodation

House for in rent in Cienfuegos TheCubanHouses.com House for in rent in Cienfuegos

Accommodation in Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, 2 rooms. 30 CUC daily per room.


If you make a sightseeing tour to Cienfuegos, you can get accommodation in Mr. Waldo and Mrs. Amileidis’ house. The house has a living room, a reception room, a dining room; two air-conditioned rooms and their private bathrooms (supplied with cold and warm water 24 hours). In addition, it will be possible to enjoy a fridge, a TV set, a DVD player, a phone, a garage and a wide terrace decorated with more than seventy kind of the most beautiful ornamental plants. In the house, a gastronomic service is offered and it is ideal to make a sightseeing tour of the city because it is only 100 meters from the important walkway El Prado.

Address: 30th Street, Cienfuegos, Cuba, near the walkway El Prado


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